The River Thames


This 3 disk gift set covers the whole of the navigable Thames, from Lechlade in Gloucestershire, to the Woolwich Barrier.  Running time 210 minutes


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  1. Thames Above Reading….This programme has been completely remade from scratch. Ite captures the delights of its upper reaches in a journey commencing at the river’s official head of navigation, Lechlade in Gloucestershire, and continuing down as far as the approach to Reading, in Berkshire. A distance of some 70 miles, this winding course is far removed from the busy Capital waterway so often associated with the Thames, it takes us through many river-side towns and villages full of character and individual charm.

2. Thames from Reading to Teddington…. The Thames from Reading to Teddington imeanders along its 60 glorious miles (the road link between the towns is only half that distance) we see some of the world’s most famous cultural and historical landmarks; Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, Eton College, Runnymede and Henley. It has been an inspiration to artist and poet alike, to men of religion and to the Hell Fire Club.

3. The Tidal Thames…. The Tidal Thames is the final part of our trilogy on the mighty River Thames. We make the challenging journey from Teddington lock to the Thames Barrier at Woolwich. The programme is full of advice for narrowboaters and navigational hints for those who may find themselves out on the tideway for the first time.

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